Welcome to your 2018 Amuri Ski Club
Membership Application.

* You will be required to manually calculate your total to pay at the completion of the form, so note your totals as you go! The Ski Club bank account details are supplied on the last page for direct bank deposit.

* Please refer to the pdf provided by Amuri Ski Club for full clarification of all Members subscription rates, levies and passes.

*Your total amount paid will be cross referenced with your answers in the form by us in the office. On your first day up the mountain you will have a membership form to sign for each member to complete process.

This is our first go at offering an electronic sign up, so we are crossing fingers that it does in fact make things easier for you! Thanks for your patience.

Your Amuri Ski Club Committee
Please indicate which Membership Subscription option you are applying for today:

The rates below are part of our Earlybird offer and expire on April 30 2018.

{Don't forget to record this total on a piece of paper for adding at the end!}

Below please list the full details for member/s included in this application. *

Please include:
First Name, Last Name / Sex / Date of Birth / Phone Number (if applicable)

For Example:
For Household Membership...
Mike Smith / Male / 22.7.1981 / 027 123 4567
Sadie Smith / Female / 1.4.2015

For individual Senior/Junior/Student applications, please complete separate forms for each person.

*To type each new name press the Shift and Enter key simultaneously to create new line.
Are you or any others in your application "first time" members of Amuri Ski Club?

If yes, you are liable for a one-off Joining Fee of $40 per person.

{Please include this in your payable total.}
If 'yes' in previous question, please list your first name/s below:

{If answering "no" simply scroll to the next question.}
SENIOR MEMBERS: Do you plan to include your 2018 Membership levy of $80 per person in this application OR choose to pay against club based activity as outlined in Membership doc.

{If including in today's payment, please add to your tally to pay at end of form}

Would you like to purchase a Members Only SEASON PASS for 2018?

Senior/Student - $120 per person
Junior - $60 per person

Children 10 years + under on day they are skiing, ski for free when accompanied by a paying adult.
Offer expires June 30 2018.

VALUE FOR MONEY: Season Pass pricing is equal to 4 days skiing at the Members day rate.

1. Please indicate what pass types you will be purchasing.
2. Then, fill out the "other" option, indicating your numbers.
For Example: 2 x Senior, 3 x Junior

{please scroll to next question if not applicable, and please don't forget to add your passes to your running total to tally at the end!}

FANTASTIC! You are nearly all set for a great time on the mountain this winter!

Without its members, Hanmer Springs Ski Area would lose momentum. We thoroughly appreciate your support and investment as a club member.

Your Amuri Ski Club Committee

LAST STEP: Manually tally your total.

Be sure to include:
- Membership sub total {Fam $100, Senior $50, Student/Junior $30}
- Joining Fee if applicable {$40 per person}
- Membership Levy if purchasing today {$80 per senior}
- Members Only 2018 Season Pass TOTAL if purchasing {Senior/Student $120/Child $60}

TOTAL = $ to be direct credited to:
BNZ 02-0876-0134986-00

To assist us in cross referencing your payment with your selections please tell us .....

What will be your TOTAL PAYMENT deposited into the Amuri Ski Club bank account today and what NAME have your referenced this payment under? *

This allows us to keep track of your application and options selected so we are all ready for your arrival on your first day of the season!

For example:
$420 Smith
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